Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rainbow in heaven

December 2004, parents/teacher night
My son, 12, declares out of the blue : "I want to join the music cursus!"


He doesn't play any instrument, he can't read music and his teenage voice isn't his best asset to start singing!
He started to work really hard, learned the music, learned to play the guitar and... passed the test!
Indeed, he did join the class the next fall...

May 20**
My mother's day* present : he plays and records Clapton's Tears in heaven for me...

March 20**
On the church porch, six fragile 18 years old boys carry their best friend's coffin while Clapton's music is playing...

*No more mother's days here, but a rainbow whenever I hear Clapton.


  1. Je reprends... je ne savais pas en choisissant ce morceau pour illustrer mon post qu'il tenait une telle place dans ta vie. J'espère ne pas t'avoir trop bouleversée.
    Il faut que je t'avoue une chose, dans un premier élan, je l'avais mis "en b.o" sur le post intitulé -sous la place- avant de me raviser... un signe ?!

  2. Je suis émue de l'entendre ICI...